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I am now able to offer 1 on 1 training for past and present PATI members to help with consistency and profitability. Please email me for more information.

From January 2018 I'll be running the live London trade planning webinars for Kim at The Price Action Traders Institute.
PATI members will be able to log in and see exactly how I'll be trading the London session. Not a member? You can find out more by clicking here.

about me

Hi, my name is Kevin Hunt.

Why did I build this website?

One of my strongest beliefs is to 'give, even if you only have a little'. Whether putting loose change into a charity box, posting encouragement to others on Twitter, or even just smiling at a stranger in the street. By giving to others you will gain so much yourself.

I decided to build this site to help those who are interested in making money whilst working from home or from anywhere in the world that they want to be by becoming a Forex Trader.

I can help you avoid the mistakes that I made and save you a lot of money by pointing you in the right direction right from the start.

I realised that this was possible after my partner Pook asked if I would teach her to trade. She knew nothing about trading at that point. By cutting out all of the mistakes and misinformation that I had been through, in less than a month, Pook was trading profitably.

The thing that amazes me is that trading is an absolute level playing field. To succeed, you don’t need friends in high places, there is no nepotism, no discrimination. If I screw up it’s down to no one else but me. You can rock up from any part of the world and from any background, rich or poor, work hard at it and be as successful as anyone. You can learn how to trade using a demo account for free, then once you have developed your skill, you can begin trading live with as little as £200. To get started, just click on this link which will take you to the broker that I use.
If you are based in the US or Canada, use this link to get in touch with the guys at Forest Park FX. Their knowledge regarding forex brokers is second to none. They will recommend the most suitable broker specifically for you and more often than not, get you a better deal than if you went directly to the broker yourself. There is no charge to you for his service.

I began studying Forex Trading in 2013 and at that time I knew nothing about the currency markets. It didn't take long for me to realise that if I could master how to trade currencies, it would give me the freedom that I wanted, and the possibility to make a good income from it.

Over the next two years, I spent every spare minute that I had, reading books, looking at trading websites, attending trading seminars and trading with my own money. During those two years I occasionally made a lot of money very quickly, only to lose it all again.

The turning point for me was in June 2015. I was listening to yet another trading podcast called 'The Trading Lifestyle'. The guy who runs the podcast, Hugh Kimura was interviewing a trader called Kim Krompass. Her approach to trading was so simple and her integrity came through during the interview. She also explained that she published all of her trades and her daily results. This is rare with many so called 'trading mentors'. Most will charge you a fortune to teach you their system but then fail to be open with their results. Many don't even trade themselves. Many are just scams.

Once I had started working with Kim, within a few months my trading had turned around. I was now seeing my capital steadily grow and was managing to hold on to my gains.  She showed that the trading strategy was only a small part of becoming profitable. It is as simple as this. If you can follow a set of rules and instructions without allowing yourself to break the rules at any point, you will be successful.

I now have the freedom to travel as much as I like. My partner's family live in Northern Thailand and trading allows us to split our time between the UK and Thailand. All I need is my laptop and an internet connection to enable me to work  wherever I am. I usually work only four days each week and for a maximum of  three to four hours a day. If the markets are moving fast I can be finished within one hour.

Every session that I trade I Tweet live as I am taking positions, taking profit or stopping out and each day I post my results. You can follow my my trading activity by following me @uk2asia on Twitter.

I'll teach you the basics needed for trading on my 'learn the basics' page. Things like setting up a demo trading account with a broker. How to download the charts you will need to trade and how to use those charts. Working with a demo account will enable you to learn the basics without risking any money at all.

I'll include links to the podcasts that Kim has participated in on the 'join my mentor' page. She has quite a story to tell and I am sure that you will find them as I did, intriguing and inspirational.

If you have any questions, please send me an email.