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Meet Kim Krompass. She owns and runs The Price Action Traders Institute which I joined back in June 2015. Without her guidance I would more than likely still be giving all of my gains back to the markets. I have already recommended her style of mentoring to many friends and colleagues and would recommend membership to anyone reading this who is just starting out in trading or those who are already trading but are still not consistent or showing profits.

Clicking this link will take you to The Price Action Traders Institute website where you can learn more about Kim. If you decide to become a member, by using KEVIN2017 coupon code, you will receive a 10% discount on your first months membership fee.

Kim trades the market four days each week and unlike most mentors in forex trading is instantly available during those trading sessions on Twitter. Both Kim and I use Twitter to give a running commentary of our observations and trades that we are taking. At the end of each session we both post our results.

Since 3rd May 2017, I have been hosting live London trade planning webinars every Wednesday and Thursday for the members who prefer to trade the London sessions.

As a member of the Price Action Traders Institute you have access to the live webinars for the New York trade planning sessions that Kim hosts three days each week and the London trade planning session webinars twice a week where we talk the members through how we will be trading each currency pair that day. You will also have access to the Wednesday weekly webinar.

As a member, if you have any in depth questions regarding your trading or are not too sure about any aspect of the strategy, you can contact Kim directly through her email.

As well as the live trade planing sessions and Wednesday webinar, membership will give you access to many videos covering:

  • training modules that make it easy to understand how we trade
  • historical trade planning sessions
  • live Wednesday webinars teaching the psychological aspect of trading as well as members Q&A
  • technical training
  • trader psychology
  • trade plan evaluations
  • coaching and member interviews

A massive wealth of material to guide you to becoming a successful, profitable trader.

Click this link now and join us in helping you to become the consistent and profitable trader that you would like to be and remember to use KEVIN2017 coupon code to receive your discount.

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