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Meet Kim Krompass. An extremely successful CPA and businesswoman who built a staffing company from scratch and ended up taking it public. After selling the company and deciding that early retirement wasn't for her, in 2001 Kim moved into the world of trading. Like most of us when we start out, she made some money, lost more money than she made and grew frustrated at the amount of nonsense in the trading education arena where most of the mentors do not even trade the strategies that they teach. Tired of wasting her time and money she decided to develop her own trading style. The key factors for Kim in building her trading system were simplicity and tight risk management and that's what she managed to achieve. One time frame working with 15-minute candles, no indicators, no lengthy analysis, only working with price action and flat the market at the end of each session eliminating overnight and weekend risk. With the success that she had trading her new strategy, she began receiving requests to teach others how to do it. In 2012 Kim started The Price Action Traders Institute and since then has been helping others find success in forex trading.
I joined Kim back in June 2015. Without her guidance, I would more than likely still be giving all of my gains back to the markets. I recommend membership to anyone who is just starting out in trading or to those who are already trading but are still not consistent or showing profits.
There are two ways to work with us at PATI. One is through the monthly membership. The other is the Command Your Trading Course for those who would rather a one-off fee for a complete course which they can then work with at their own pace and schedule. You will find more details on both options below.

PATI Monthly Membership

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The PATI monthly membership is ideal for those of you who would like to be part of a trading community whilst learning how to trade, building your skill as a trader or working on consistency and profitability.
The moment that you join you will have access to the training module videos covering every aspect of how we trade.
You will also be able to delve into the exceptional psychology/mindset videos that will help you get to grips with this fascinating and essential element of trading that most other mentors ignore in their training.

  • Live webinars for the New York Trade Planning Sessions (NYTPS) with Kim three times each week.
  • Live webinars for the London Trade Planning Sessions (LTPS) with me twice each week.
  • All trade planning webinars are recorded for you to review at any time.
  • Live weekly webinars teaching the psychological aspect of trading as well as members Q&A.
  • Access to the 10 module Price Action Trading video course that make it easy to understand how we trade.
  • Access to the PATI chart template for your MT4 platform.
  • Coaching and member interview videos.

Full details in the link below and remember to use ⚡KEVIN2017⚡ to receive your discount.

PATI Command Your Trading

Realising that the monthly membership wasn't a good fit for everyone, Kim decided to build the Command Your Trading course for those who would rather make a one-off  payment for lifetime access and work on the PATI criteria at their own pace. Here is a brief list of what you get when taking up on the Command Your Trading Course.

Full details can be found through the link below.


  • Lifetime access to all course material including any future updates.
  • Clear step by step price action trading instructions.
  • Simple to follow videos with PDF's and MP3's for learning on the go. You chose to learn in the format that works for you.
  • Monthly Live Q+A webinar sessions. Anything that's not clear, Kim will answer your questions live.
  • The PATI chart template for your MT4 platform which automatically adds the profit targets to the chart when a trade is placed.
  • Get rid of your indicators and confusing extras on your charts forever. We only work with clean charts.
  • Stop the continuous search for the next strategy. Trading with PATI you'll see Kim and me trading it alongside you live on twitter.
  • Know exactly what to do and when to do it when you sit down to trade (less than 30 second trade plan).
  • Bonus: Our Red News trading strategy that is sure to help your bottom line.

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