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Before you can begin to trade you will need to sign up with a broker. If you are taking your first steps in trading you can open a demo account which will allow you to trade real time in the Forex markets but without having to risk any money. It will give you the opportunity to learn how the trading platform works with the added advantage of being able to make as many mistakes as you want without it costing you a penny. I have my account with Pepperstone brokers. Citizens living in the USA or Canada should click on the relevant link and select their broker through Forest Park FX. A tried and trusted company who will point you towards the best broker for you.

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Be sure to select the RAZOR ACCOUNT type to get the same low spreads.

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How to set-up your Pepperstone account and install the MT4 platform.

Opening and editing charts in MT4 and saving as a template.

Add labels to identify which chart you are working with.

How to calculate your risk and trading lot size.

£2494.36 profit in 19 minutes. Why this was such a dumb trade!!

How to take a trade and place orders using the MT4 platform